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Electric Trackless Trains

The Mini Express is a company that specializes in trackless train rentals; all of our units are 100% electrical, our units are uniquely handcrafted and are second to none on detail and craftsmanship. We have many of our units operating in major shopping malls in California and Arizona. We cater to birthday parties, festivals, and any private or public event where big crowds are expected.

Trackless Train Rentals Are All We Do

We have been in business for over 10 years. We first started our business as a general party rental company, catering to all of the Los Angeles metropolitan areas. After designing and building our first kiddy train unit, we started renting it to private parties, corporate events, church events, city parades, etc.

While serving one private event in Los Angeles, we were approached by a high executive of a national mall company who mentioned to us the possibility of opening one of our units in one of their shopping malls. After considering and studying this option, we decided to give this opportunity a try. The rest is history; during the next several years, our presence in major shopping mall chains in the United States increased steadily. We currently operate in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Phoenix metropolitan areas with tremendous success.

We know that we are not your only option when it comes to renting a trackless train rentals, therefore we continually strive to be the best company possible. Based on our experienced and knowledge of our competitors, the following points of comparison are extremely important for our customers to know before making a final decision on who to choose for your next trackless train rental.

More Reasons to Choose The Mini Express

Engine Power

We use 100% electric units.

The Other Guys

99% of our competitors use gasoline-powered lawn mower tractors to pull their trains.

Sound System

We use a top of the line sound system with all the favorite children songs.

The Other Guys

The only sound offering is a noisy lawn mower tractor that will produce and share gas fumes with your family and friends.


Our units were designed by professional mechanical engineers exclusively for The Mini Express. No other company has the same design.

The Other Guys

Not as appealing, many of them are built on someone’s garage or backyard.


You can be sure that we will show up on time with a professional, clean, and well-dressed train conductor.

The Other Guys

Chances are that you will get a guy wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Our Company

When you choose us, you are choosing a professional company that only does trackless train rentals on a full time basis.

The Other Guys

The majority of them are “weekend/part-time” companies. They hardly answer their phone lines and their customer service is insufficient.


We NEVER outsource our reservations.

The Other Guys

Many of them subcontract their reservations, they are just companies providing the reservation service and outsourcing their services.


We are one of very few national companies that meet all of the strict requirements set by national mall companies to operate in shopping malls.

The Other Guys

You simply cannot have a lawn mower tractor operate inside a shopping mall.


All of our units are sparkling new. We service our units weekly and immediately take care of any cosmetic and mechanical needs.

The Other Guys

Many carry old and overused units.

Liability Insurance

We carry $2 MILLION liability insurance.

The Other Guys

Most of them carry a one million dollar liability insurance, and some of them don’t carry anything at all.